User Experience Research in Healthcare & Wellness

Project 1_Patient journey information graphics

Created 24" x 36" information graphics of patient journey from pre-admission to admission in hospital to post-charge stage. Understanding patients pain point, their experiences, and journey in the hospital environment was critical to develop brand communication between patients and healthcare company Convatec. 

  • Patient journey

  • Information graphics

  • Healthcare

kelton convatec_BW.jpg

Project 2_Smile kit

Design project in collaboration with Colgate-Palmolive

The project is to re-imagine retails experiences, both retail store and online for Colgate-Palmolive products. Our group came up with idea of online store with subscription service.

  • Consumer journey

  • Retail experience

  • Consumer product

  • Service platform

Group: Eugene Kim, John Jamison


Project 3_Dental professional experience and ergonomics research

UX Research_dental.jpg

Project 4_Patient’s careegiver experience and hospital environment research

UX Research_Thesis.jpg