New York City Housing Design Competition

design research / design thinking


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Problems /
In November 2017, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the Housing New York 2.0 plan, which builds on the success of the original Housing New York plan and furthers the City’s bold commitment to increase the supply of affordable housing by building or preserving 300,000 affordable homes by 2026. In support of the plan, HPD has aggressively moved through its inventory of vacant and underutilized City-owned land to create more affordable housing. Much of the remaining inventory includes lots that are challenging to develop due to their small size.

Launched in February 2019 by HPD and AIANY, Big Ideas for Small Lots NYC is a design competition to find housing solutions for these lots, and to explore their potential to contribute to citywide affordable housing options.

Goals /

  • Promoting excellence in urban infill design

  • Exploring design and construction strategies to inform quality, affordable, small-home development

  • Demonstrating feasible, replicable housing solutions across various site and neighborhood conditions

  • Engaging and building capacity of architects to act as critical partners in the development of City-owned, vacant sites

Answers /
OneHouse designs New York City underutilized and vacant micro-lots to build urban affordable housing for multi-family with devising a flexible design and construction strategy adaptable to other infill lot development across New York City.

Collaborated with New York based architects and real estate professionals under project group name ProDG to brainstorm and suggest housing design proposal for unban infill development and lead research on housing design, construction strategy, formulating construction budget, and designing presentation of proposal and infographics.