The Entry submitted for a design competition. 
Interface design for 2018 Samsung QLED TV Ambient Mode.

Postcard is an interactive visual message board for busy professionals in urban area to stay connected with family away in hometown through Samsung QLED TV Ambient Mode integrated in their contemporary residence living room wall. 

Idea was inspired by my personal experience and lifestyle as a young professional in New York City. For many urban dwellers, TV is life a family member that makes offer entertainment options to laugh, cry but also an ambient noise to fill the space and lonely silence. Ambient Mode allows to receive message and photo and display as postcard format as if users receives postcard from family member. Date, time, and temperature of your hometown will display so that you can be aware of their daily life and photos in the post stamp will change based upon time photography was taken so that users can share same timezone with their loved ones. And when indoor becomes darker, the color of font change to white so that people can easily read.



Ambient Mode

Interface transition from daylight to dark