“aspires to stay curious about the world, pushes boundaries beyond imagination, and adventurous about new things”


Ellen Oh

multidisciplinary design / visual designer

Ellen Oh is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City with focus on visual and graphic design across multimedia. She aspires to stay curious about the world, pushes boundaries beyond imagination, and adventurous about new things. It is that passion eventually led her to take a leap of faith and move to New York City several years ago from her hometown in South Korea where she had a different professional life as a business strategy consultant at KPMG where she learned unlimited potential of data and technology. Also as a trained industrial designer she is naturally attracted to applying creative idea to various visual forms and media including physical object and solving problems through design thinking process. She likes to bring both world of analytics and creativity together to view the world with various angles, explore analogue and digital world, and design beautiful and meaningful thing. Ellen holds a B.S degree in business from Case Western University, M.A degree in international trade and finance from Yonsei University in Korea, M.A degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute in New York. Ellen likes to travel, go for hiking, and explore culture.  



Clients & Projects

DESIGN : advertising, marketing, beauty & lifestyle, healthcare, consumer products, real estate development 

BUSINESS STRATEGY: e-commerce, education, engineering & construction, energy (electricity, gas, nuclear), automotive, Information Technology, food & beverage

Client_2018 Feb_BW.jpg

Achievements & Awards

2018 Information is Beautiful Awards, Long List , Unusual category

Open Data L-Train Innovation Challenge / 2nd Place / NYC Open Data Week / 2018

‘Data through Design’ exhibtion / NYC Open Data Week / 2018

Psychiatry Innovation Lab /  Grand Finalist / American Psychiatric Association /2016

Taconic Fellowship  /  Pratt Institute / 2014-2015

Consultant of the Year / KPMG Korea / 2008


Media coverage / Publication

Data Driven Journalism (European Journalism Centre) Featured Project

Enigma Technologies Blog - Data Through Design exhibit

Technically Brooklyn - Data Through Design exhibit

State Scoop - Data Through Design exhibit



Maker Festival / Product Hunt / 2018

IDEO CoLab Makeathon, VR & AR Group /  IDEO San Francisco / 2016

University of Arts London + digital agency UsTwo / 2016

New York University / ITP Summer Camp / 2014

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design / Summer 2014