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design research, industrial design, service design

Space efficient furniture for caregivers

During the admission to hospital, patients and family often pay extra money for more space. Patient room is not only for patient recovery but also co-living space with caregivers and/or family. I was motivated to solve this issue and came up with multi-tasking furniture that is simple and easy of use which are important elements of living in small space.

Product development process

1.Design research
- Hospital architecture / interior
- Patient room research
- Patient, caregiver, family experience

4. Concept development
- Prototyping and 3D modeling
- Material research
- Production research

3. Ideation
- Sketching
- Scale model prototyping
- Design brief

6. Final prototype
- User feedback

2. Field interview
- Medical professional interview
- Hospital management interview
- Hospital visit and field interview

5. Prototype production
- Collaboration with metal fabricator
- Paint finish