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Facilitating Food Waste Recycle/Reuse in Brooklyn


Design to facilitate foodwaste recycle and reuse in small restaurants

The project was proposed and selected for Taconic Fellowship for year 2014-15 by Pratt Center for Community Development with endowment from Taconic Foundation. The fellowship program supports design projects that help to create more sustainable infrastructure livable environment

The project is to facilitate better food waste recycle practices among small restaurant businesses of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill area in Brooklyn through product design solution to find more economic and convenient way in everyday operation. Through visually design public campaign, it will promote awareness to business owners, employees and community members and to provide information.


1. Promotional flyer

Informational flyer for restaurant owners 

cover 2.jpg

2. Educational website

Website to learn about food wate, implement action, and educate bothe owners and employees

3. Promotional object

'Fork to Soil' promotion gift for local food business owners to place on their business (restaurant etc.) to show their support to the public

4. Food waste recycle container

Recline trash storage is lightweight trash storage recline to walls or next to existing trash bins with stability. One side is open so user can take trash in and out easily and whenever replaces trash bags users also see messages and campaign slogan as awareness. Gaps on upper part of the product are using structure to hand and hold bags easily. Purposes of the product are design trash storage with better mobility, save space, and bring awareness. A concept for waste bag stand to collect food packaging and other recyclable waste from food waste facilitate multiple waste seperation

Participated Food Waste Alliance, a spin-off initiative from Open IDEO

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