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"Runner's High is a fitness mobile application for marathon runners"


"How might we improve better training experience to marathon runners?"

According to New York Times article, it cost about $1600 to prepare and run for New York marathon. Also, running a marathon is serious commitment in need of months of training and preparation. As a avid runner but beginner for marathon, I and my teammate felt more interactive guidance will motivate and help us to challenge running for a marathon. 



Avid runner : Participate marathon every year and run 4-5 times a week
Regular runner: Experience with marathon and run 1-3 times a week
Beginner: First time trying marathon and run 1-3 times a week but irregular

Running buddies , Weather condition, Run guidances, Keep Motivation




Age: 36
Occupation: business professional
Income: stable income
Residence: New York City

Toms training for New York marathon and runs 6 times a week. He sleeps 8 hours regularly. He isn’t restricted to his diet but eats good balance meals. He cut down on alcohol. Tom has running schedule and wants to run in April 2017.




Age: 20
Occupation: software engineer
Income: stable income
Residence: Seattle

Sara is active on run 3-4 times of interval training. She consumes a lot of vegetables and gets enough sleep. She stays motivated by running with schedule, with running buddies, and willing take training classes.  




  1. Provide guidelines for marathons

  2. Provide personalized training schedule

  3. Track performance and progress



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6_ User flows



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