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Living Square

Service platform to enjoy better cultural experience for Copenhagen visitors

01 / Design issue

"How can we create better services for visitors in Copenhagen
to discover and enjoy local experience?"

"How can we promote the area of Gammel Strand,
an old town in Copenhagen with hidden gems?"

The project design a service platform to promote the culture of Gammel Strand area in Copenhagen, providing local artists with public spaces for showcase and offer cultural experiences to potential visitors. Gammel Strand is an old street located in central Copenhagen with many art galleries and trendy bars. The area will have a new access with a new subway station Kongens Nytrov. 

"Service design through the lenses of scale and context" (link)

Summer workshop,Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Copenhagen, Denmark



02 /  Ideation

User experience flow.jpg

03 /  Solution

Our group thought creating service platform for Gammel Strand and local artists would foster culture and visitors in the area. First step is to plan events and contents by researching local neighborhood. Next step is to come up with branding for service platform to have identity for itself as well as to promote to visitors and Copenhageners. Website as a digital platform will offer information about neighborhood, galleries and bars, and events happening, and board where artists can suggest performance events.

Experience diagram



Branding was a visual solution to communicate with potentials visitors to give an idea of its identity and idea behind the service. The logo has three elements: street map of Gammel Strandt, square representing space and digital platform, and color of Denmark flag. 

 living square branding / street advertisement 

Digital platform

Website idea was essential two parts. The first page to give clear impression about what it is and second is navigation to explore and find information. It is the platform visited by wide range of public of specific interest therefore, navigation was intended to be simple in terms of design and hierarchy of information. 

 living square website / laptop version
 living square website / desktop version
 living square / mobile version